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ENN Group marks its presence at 2019 CIDEE

Themed as “Digital Economy Leads High Quality Development”, 2019 China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE) opened in Shijiazhuang (Zhengding), capital of Hebei Province, on October 11. Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out in his congratulatory letter to CIDEE: “The fast growth of the digital economy has profoundly changed people's way of production and life, and brought far-reaching influence on the economic and social development of countries, global governance and progress of human civilization. China is actively driving digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, fostering deep fusion of digital economy and real economy and boosting high-quality development of its economy. ”

The digital economy is an accelerator “pushing changes in the quality, efficiency and momentum of economic growth” and creates new opportunities for industrial development. Upholding the rules of “Protecting digital sovereignty, delivering unblocked digital exchange, creating digital value and providing digital service”s, ENN Group combines innovative concepts with application scenarios of technologies and industries in smart energy, smart health and smart governance and explores deep fusion of digital economy and real economy.

ENN Group marked its presence at the CIDEE as a representative of the industrial internet and showcased its technical solutions and successful cases that serve to upgrade the industries with smart energy, improve life quality with smart health and benefit the society with smart governance. 

In response to the national new energy safety strategy characterized by “Four Changes and One Cooperation”, ENN applies digital technologies to reconstruct the industrial ecosystem and is the first in the industry to launch and spread the Ubiquitous Energy concept, “defined by users’ demand, full-value exploitation, prioritizes use of clean energy and complementary of multiple sources of energy”. Built on, a clean energy ecosystem has realized the integration of information, energy and value streams, guided by information stream, resulted in improved system efficiency and freed user sovereignty and fueled transformation of the energy industry. 

This digital energy platform is used to provide smart operation and maintenance, energy optimization, energy trading and energy governance, among other value-added services, to energy users, energy suppliers, government and integrated energy operators. As of July 2019, was providing services to more than 100 industrial parks, 500 household energy companies and some 60 energy suppliers in more than 40 cities across the country. 

ENN, citing Changsha Huanghua International Airport as an example, debuted a wide range of applications of its in the energy industry at the smart energy exhibition area and showed how it has realized robust running and precise supply and demand matching and helped users cut costs and improve efficiency, by taking advantage of the Internet of Things, Big Data and AI technologies. 

Also displayed was a key intelligent machine in the pan energy ecosystem, a 100kW micro turbine, which has filled a gap in China as all key components are home-made. 

To satisfy the people’s aspiration for a better life, ENN started with the goal to “less illness for the world” and has been devoted to creating a client-centered data-driven life and health ecosystem. It has innovatively proposed life, health and healing concepts, and with “entropy” as a quantitative health indicator, developed a “systematic therapy by nourishing three elements and inhibiting entropy”.

Laikang mirror, pulse diagnostic instrument, sleep detector, intelligent feces analyzer and balancing scale, among other bio-sensing intelligent devices, as well as some applets such as “Dieting Assistant”, displayed at the smart health exhibition area, are able to capture and process health data from family scenarios in a timely manner, and then with the help of “Laikang Brain”, proprietary algorithm models and knowledge graphs, provide clients with professional, accurate, systematic and effective health products and services. Many visitors were attracted to have a try, a proof of ENN’s “detection-feedback-conditioning” capabilities. 

At the smart governance exhibition area, ENC Digital Technology Co., Ltd presented its industry leading digital police integrated command solution and digital city solution. More than twenty years of experience in digital police have been converted into digitalization methodology and digital intelligent service system, to help clients in both the public and private sectors to realize digital transformation and upgrade. 

ENC Digital Technology has contracted for “National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Command and Dispatch Technology”, a project launched under the leadership of National Development and Reform Commission, and has formed joint laboratories and technical research centers relating to digital police with the People's Public Security University of China, The Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Guiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Its products and solutions developed in-house successfully served many international high-profile events, such as Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Sep. 3 military parade in commemoration of the 70thanniversary of the victory of anti-Japanese war, G20 Summit, “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, and Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. To meet the demand for smart cities, ENC Digital Technology has innovatively proposed the Digital OS design philosophy, and employed a city neuronal system setup combining Internet of Things, Internet of Data and Intelligent Internet into one, to effectively use real-time full-scale data, optimize public resources globally and shape a digital city ecosystem with local features. Digital city solutions powered by ENC Digital Technology have been implemented at Tongnan, Chongqing, and Chengdu airport hub, among other areas. 

NeuHelium, another arm of ENN Group, is a functional platform for R&D and conversion of brain-inspired ICs and IC-embedded intelligent systems, and constitutes a key part of ENN Group’s AI system as a whole. NeuHelium demonstrated a “real-time face changing” interactive application built on deep learning architecture. 

ENN Group unveiled an outline of strategies titled Embrace The Digital Era and Open Up The Future of Ecosystem on August 6 this year, marking the 30th anniversary of its business. It announced its overarching strategic upgrade plan in response to the digital era, to build a client-centered ecological organization and create two ecosystems, clean energy and life & health.