Technological Innovation
Energy Research InstituteMore>>
ENN Energy Research Institute was established in 2006, focusing the forward-looking clean energy technology. In the past decade, it has made major technical breakthroughs, such as coal-based low-carbon energy and, achieving status as a global leader. It is now working on carbon-free energy technology innovations, focusing on compact fusion, deep geothermal and other technologies.
ENN Energy Research Institute has a national key laboratory for coal-based low-carbon energy, an overseas high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship base, an international science and technology cooperation base, and a nationally recognized enterprise technology center.. It has a large-scale industrialization demonstration base built. It has a professional scientific research team composed of more than 500 people, including more than 20 overseas high-level talents, and has been awarded the honorary titles of Excellent Team of National Science and Technology Plan Implementation during the ‘11th Five-Year Plan’ and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team of Hebei ‘Giant Plan’, etc.. This team has already achieved several successes. By the end of 2018, the company had undertaken more than 30 projects, including the National 973/863 Program, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program, and the National Key Research and Development Program, and applied for more than 1,800 patents, including over 1,000 invention patents and over 1,200 authorized patents.
Ennova Institute of Life Science and TechnologyMore>>
Ennova Institute of Life Science and Technology is a subsidiary of ENN group. With the mission of “less illness for the world”, the Institute is focusing on life science research based on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and integration of multi-disciplinary. We are committed to the establishment a novel diagnosis and treatment system by utilizing energy and information medicine. At the same time, provide theoretical and technical support for the group health industry.
In the field of energy medicine and information medicine, we are dedicated to researches on quantum characteristics of Qi, meridians and acupressure points, the relationship between mitochondria and “Qi”, the effect of energy and information on the functions of cells and human bodies,as well as water-mediated biological information transduction. 
In the research of intelligent health detection, a series of intelligent health management devices were developed by combining theoretical research with the latest technology. The "intelligent health mirror" integrates four-diagnosis theory of TCM, the artificial intelligence and internet technologies; the "intelligent urine test instrument" makes it possible to conduct automatic urine analysis at home; the "intelligent pulse diagnosis device” achieves the digitization and standardization of TCM pulse diagnosis facilitated by automatic identification of pulse positions; the "negative pressure physiotherapy device" (registered as medical instrument in the 2nd Category) enables programmed multi-mode cupping by utilizing the negative pressure control technology. These intelligent equipment are designed to be operated at home, which is expected to promote the quality of life immensely.
The Institute consists of Biomedical Research Center, Biophoton Research Center, Bioelectronics Research Center and the Center for Health Monitoring Intelligent Sensors. In addition, we have extensive collaboration with various universities and institutions, such as Harvard University, Cornell University, Peking University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine etc.
Digital Research Institute
Founded in 2016, Digital Research Institute focuses on innovation in digitalization transformation and AI technology for smart energy, smart city and health & lifestyle. Recently, it has conducted fundamental research and industry practices on collaborative learning technology, which incentivizes participants to build high performance AI models through secure model aggregation, without compromising data sovereignty and privacy. The research and development efforts have been fruitful, with hundreds of patents filed and pending. Many of the technologies have been implemented and verified in real use cases including integrated energy system forecasting and optimization, equipment predictive maintenance, risk detection and safety management.
Digital Research Institute has outstanding professional research team, and the core team includes former technical leaders from IBM, Google, Alibaba, Intel, Microsoft Research Institute, A*STAR Singapore and etc. The institute has established corresponding research and development centres in Beijing, Langfang, and Silicon Valley, and has conducted in-depth cooperation with well-known universities research institutes, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, in the fields of digital energy, big data and AI.