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Laikang Technology
Laikang is a digital health technology service platform under the ENN Group. It uses biosensing and artificial intelligence technology to create a health assessment algorithm and information map by simulating the thinking logic and experience of health experts to create an increasingly intelligent ‘Laikang Brain’, forming an ‘End + Cloud’ intelligent system. By integrating the industry standards for information medicine (represented by psychology), energy medicine (represented by Traditional Chinese medicine) and biomedical (represented by western medicine), the platform innovatively develops a uniform criteria for overall health assessment, and an entropy model for quantitative analysis of the degree of unhealthiness. From the collection and analysis of health data to the provision of health solutions, based on various lifestyle scenarios (e.g. diet, sleep, toilet, accommodation, hobbies and body regulating), the platform is designed to provide family users with full life-cycle health guidance, enhance health awareness, build a healthy lifestyle, and reduce disease risk. Laikang uses digital health technology to empower life service providers, health service providers, health insurance and medical institutions to promote access to health services, family-based health management, smart health insurance, and precision medical services.
Laikang Brain

Health big data, Artificial intelligence

Laikang Brain is a health assessment and intervention system based on artificial intelligence technology based on the concept of ‘treatment diseases that have not occurred’. Laikang Brain is built on the concept of family intelligent health check, featuring data collection through bio-sensing technology, and a CMSD (constitution, mental state, symptoms and disease) integrated health status evaluation that adopts the theory of psychology, Chinese medicine and western medicine to evaluate the individual health from three dimensions of information, energy and material. Meanwhile, based on quantitative analysis of symptoms, signs and abnormal indicators, an entropy calculation of the degree of unhealthiness is conducted, which is used together with health status evaluation, to provide customers with dynamic and comprehensive health intervention plans for healthy living, body regulating, and care and healing.

Smart Health Check

Smart health check, Smart application

Lai Kang Smart Health Check combines the TCM four diagnostic methods with modern medical diagnostics, integrating advanced sensor technology to provide TCM observation and pulse-taking diagnosis as well as the monitoring services on sleep, ECG, blood glucose, blood oxygen, blood pressure, weight, urine, etc. The “smart health check + smart application’ service mode provide a comprehensive health guide for people's daily life, helping to relieve stress, improve energy and physical fitness.

Partnership program

Empowering partners, Serving families

The Laikang Partnership Program is an initiative that leverages the Laikang platform to build a health ecosystem to empower partners. Through modularization, scenario setting, software and hardware combination, on-demand combination, we help partners embed their various applications into Laikang’s platform to achieve the goals of health management, healthy living, health intervention, while enhancing our service ability to improve the quality of life of our users.