Industry Cognition Solution


As an industry awareness solution provider, ENC provides industrial customers with industrial cognition solutions including data collection, governance, mining, analysis, application and other functions through AI, big data, cloud computing and other innovative technologies mainly based on the front-line business scenarios of customers and the company's deep understanding of the industry customers’ needs.
Specific areas we operate in include smart public security, public security big data, smart cities and smart enterprise business, while the company operates the business of three routes including Beihai-Weizhou Island, Beihai-Haikou and Penglai-Changdao through its professional subsidiaries.
Smart Public Security and Public Security Big Data Service
ENC has been deeply involved in the field of smart security for more than 20 years. With its deep understanding of the business needs in the field of public security, its continuous development of its core technical abilities and the steady improvement of the design and implementation ability of cognition solutions in the industry, ENC has been deeply involved in the construction of smart public security and big data of public security in many cities and regions throughout China. At the same time, the products and solutions independently developed by the company have been successfully applied to the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the 9.3 Military Parade, the G20 Summit, ‘the Belt and Road’ Forum for International Cooperation and other large-scale international events.
Operation and Management System for Smart Tourism
Supported by smart operation and resource coordination, through the digitization of physical scenic spots and tourists' preferences, it creates virtual spaces and temperature-aware service environments for high-frequency interactions between scenarios and tourists and between tourists, to cultivate three abilities, i.e., ’universal field data perception, tourists accurate digital portrait and scenario service big data cognition"’, and build the core products of mobile Internet deep experience service system, smart operation system, resource collaboration system and big data empowerment system, subdivide consumption scenarios by refining the deep experience service standard, and use digital empowerment to achieve optimal allocation of resources and value-added service.