Embracing the values of healthy life and continuous innovation , we are building a system based on 'Tri-healing' and 'Seven-cultivation', so that the people all over the world get less sick.


ENNOVA Life and Health Theory
‘ Tri-healing ’
Tri-healing refers to healing of information, energy and matter, the three areas that make up the world. We utilize an entropy suppression healing system, utilizing a sequential therapy of ‘detoxification-reconstruction-regeneration’ and the three-stage health management mode of ‘density-continuance-daily’ resulting in increased entropy suppression, and the negative entropy is introduced to help people cure minor diseases and prevent major ones.
Outside the Tri-healing Health Management Center
This is based on concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which embodies seven traditional arts forming a healthy lifestyle: ‘virtue, diet, Kungfu, calligraphy, incense, music and flower’. With virtue as the king and virtue and interest as the double cultivation, physical and mental health and life satisfaction are achieved by suppressing the increase of entropy and maintaining the balance of the internal and external environment of life.
Seven-Cultivation Academy
Seven-Cultivation Hotel