Environmental Protection Technology
ENN Envirotech Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection business development platform under ENN Group, with its business covering wastewater, solid waste treatment and ecological restoration and other fields. As it has grown its business ENN has always adhered to a development model driven by technological innovation, and is committed to providing users with overall environmental protection solutions and comprehensive services, so as to help China's green city construction and to achieve the company's mission of ‘Building green cities and improving the living environment’.


‘Two Core Technologies’
Nanjing Supercritical Hazardous Waste Treatment Project of ENN Envirotech
In developing coal-to-natural gas technology,ENN has independently invented its own supercritical water oxidation technology that can destroy over 99% of organic pollutants in the waste water without generation of dioxin or any other secondary pollutants, and the water resulting from the process meets the highest level of national standard. ENN has launched the world's first industrial demonstration device with a daily treatment capacity of 1 million tons, which has been applied to Langfang 240 t/d supercritical sludge treatment project, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park supercritical hazardous waste treatment project and Shijiazhuang Circulating Chemical Industrial Park supercritical hazardous waste treatment project.
Daqi Coal Chemical Wastewater Zero Discharge Project
With its self-developed technology of zero discharge of industrial wastewater,ENN has reached industry-leading level with 100% zero discharge of wastewater and water recycling rate of over 93%, achieving clean recycling production in the production base. It has been applied to multiple industrial projects such as Xinneng Daqi Coal Chemical Industry Wastewater Zero Discharge Project and Shandong Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Industry Wastewater Deep Treatment Zero Discharge Project.
Integrated packaging business service model