Ubiquitous Energy
Ubiquitous energy describes a geography-specific energy system that starts from user’s demand, with the full-value exploitation and utilization of energy at its core, prioritizes use of clean energy, integrates energy use and supply of multi-energy.

The concept of ubiquitous energy arises in response to bottlenecks in traditional energy industry, such as centralized supplies, separate silos for development, isolated islands for operation, etc. The concept aims to address issues of inefficiency, pollution, ans safety issues in all processes from energy use, production, transmission, distribution and storage. Ubiquitous energy will revolutionize China’s energy industry and facilitate the building of modern energy system which is safe, efficient, clean and economical.


FANNENG.com adheres to the concept of ubiquitous energy
’China Manufacture’, FANNENG.com recruits the world’s best talents in energy and digital industries and makes strategic arrangements for the innovation on technologies concerning energy, information, IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence. Through these efforts, FANNENG.com built a platform that centers on the energy users and realized significantly higher energy efficiency with data intelligence.
In addition to safe and reliable smart operation and maintenance services for energy facilities, FANNENG.com also offers ’integrated energy trading service’, which realize multi-energy commodities across time and geography, and coordination and optimization of energy use, production, transmission, distribution and storage. Further more, it maximizes energy efficiency, making energy facilities shareable.
FANNENG.com is committed to building an ecosystem that synthesizes all participants in the energy ecology, provides value services to energy users, and enables energy ecology participants with smart support. At FANNENG.com, all participants can enjoy easy access to comprehensive intelligent recommendation and energy data services, which will make them better informed in the searching for design institutes, equipment suppliers, construction and installation companies, operation and maintenance service providers, energy conservation service providers, energy logistics companies, and financial service companies.
The Development History of Ubiquitous Energy Business
FANNENG.com investigates the consumption scenarios and needs of energy users, energy suppliers, administration department of industrial park and integrated energy operators to better direct its R&D strategy and product diversification. In so doing, it constantly brings about smarter energy services with better value, and helps all participants in the energy ecosystem in their course of becoming more digital and smarter.
Core Data of Ubiquitous Energy Business